Vietnamese photographer captures stunning aerial photos of Saigon

Vietnamese photographer captures stunning aerial photos of Saigon

A Ho Chi Minh City-based photographer has released a collection of photos capturing the iconic locations and landmarks of the southern metropolis from an aerial or bird’s eye view.

Nguyen Tan Tuan, with a great love for Saigon and passion for aerial photography, has been inspired to ‘give birth’ to beautiful photos of the dynamic city.

The photographer named the album “Saigon Skyline,” referring to the former name of Ho Chi Minh City, as he either snapped his shutter from atop the high-rise buildings in the city or shot the photos by a drone camera, or flycam.

“Photographers always have to choose between Ho Chi Minh City’s many unique high-rise buildings and architectural works, carefully studying the subject and selecting appropriate angles so that the photos are beautiful and new,” Tuan shared his experience of taking aerial photos.

Photo by Nguyen Tan Tuan/ source: tuoitrenews


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An austere house near Saigon recalls villages in northern Vietnam

Having pure cement floors and brick walls without cement paste, a house recalls the brick houses style of the ancient Vietnam’s village.

Located in Binh Chanh District, Ho Chi Minh City, a three-story house designed by architect Tran Hoang Trung and his colleagues at TD Solutions was finished on September 2018.

The area is divided into two parts for the garden and the house, whose cylinder shape is quite common among urban houses. However, the living space is quite airy with the a lot of trees.

The house was constructed based on the steel frame of an old house. Demolishing the whole building except for the frame, the designers create a brand new house.

The stairs are the highlight of the house. The side entrance leads to the garden, inviting more air and enhancing the connection between inner and outer space.

Materials from the old house including bricks, wooden floor and wooden doors are utilized for the new house’s construction to promote its simplicity.

The house becomes more authentic and connected to nature with pure cement floors or brick walls without cement paste.

There is many furniture made from natural and traditional materials, such as rush carpets, bamboo curtains, and cane lamps.

The study room in the third floor has a wooden bookshelf.

While the bedroom looks modern with windows, bed, curtain, it remains traditional with wooden furnitures and brick walls.

Next to the main house, the kitchen is built like a little corner in the garden, creating a warm and cozy atmosphere for family meals.



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