Living in District 2 of Ho Chi Minh City, why not?

Living in District 2 of Ho Chi Minh City, why not?

Tired of the crazy life in District 1? Yes, well many people are. For a lot of people the endless hubbub of Saigon’s center is just too much after a while, and to retreat to a more quiet, slower pace of life is a welcome relief. They like to be able to hear birds, to share the street with bicycles rather than roaring mopeds, to sit by a quiet river or relax in a local cafe where everyone knows everyone because there aren’t that many people in the area. Therefore, living in District 2 will be a favorable option!

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  1. Accommodation:

District 2 is the ideal neighborhood for your family home. Many expat families live here due to the high concentration of international schools and the comparative safety of its streets. Facilities are aimed at the expat community – from shopping malls to small businesses and hair salons – and the majority of people here are foreign. There are a various types of accommodation including apartments, serviced apartments, houses, villas and rooms for rent. Almost of them are brand-new, modern and full of utilities.

  1. Transportation:

It’s quite convenient and less traffic jam as the center of HCMC. Once one of the poorest districts in the city, District 2 is now a fast-developing hot spot. Passing under the Saigon Tunnel on Mai Chi Tho Street and seeing the cranes in the distance will give an indication of the city’s plans to create a second CBD. With its close proximity to D1, D2 will also be the first stop on the city Metro Line.

  1. Facilities:

The facilities of District 2 have developed very quickly recently with many supermarkets (Big C, Mega Mart, etc.), shopping centers (Vincom Mega Mall) or hospitals like the Family Medical Practice. Especially, the district’s expat enclave, Thao Dien Ward, has two of the most prestigious international schools, as well as villas and compounds and a fair few Western restaurants and bars. Because of its international schools, D2 is home to many expats with young families. Its ambience is more suburban than big city, despite rapid development, and the streets are less crowded than in the CBD.

  1. Where to eat:

District 2, particularly Thao Dien Ward, is home to a variety of coffee shops and restaurants. It’s a great area of town for a nice family dinner, or a nice ladies’ brunch. Check out the restaurant and bar at Thao Dien Village, which offers a range of Italian, Vietnamese and Thai cuisine as well as a delicious tapas menu.

  1. Things to do and nightlife:

Saigon’s arts hub and one of the city’s best spots for live music is located in Thao Dien Ward, District 2. Saigon Outcast offers a variety of workshops from figure drawing to cooking contests, hosts a number of festivals and events, nurtures Ho Chi Minh City’s hottest up and coming musicians and celebrates the arts in this city. Their monthly urban flea market is a great day out for the kids, with its variety of boutique clothes stalls, artists, delicious foods and cute little gifts.

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