The reasons why many expats choose District 2 to live

The reasons why many expats choose District 2 to live

District 1 seems to be the best place for the foreigners living and working in Ho Chi Minh City. All right, everything has changed. Recently, District 2 has become the new urban area which is an ideal place for many expats to settle down and enjoy the life. So why they love it?

The comfortable living space

For a lot of people, the endless hubbub of Saigon’s center is just too much after a while, and retreating to a quiet and slow space of life is a welcome relief. These people wish to be able to hear birds, to share the street with bicycles rather than roaring mopeds, to sit by a quiet river or relax in a local café in District 2. Let’s check out the restaurant and bar at Thao Dien Village, which offers a range of Italian, Vietnamese and Thai cuisine as well as a delicious tapas menu.

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Expats communities

In District 2, Thao Dien Ward or An Phu Ward are also the ideal neighborhood for your home. Many expat families live here due to the high concentration of international schools and the comparative safety of its streets. Facilities are aimed at the expat community – from shopping malls to small businesses and hair salons – and the majority of people here are foreigners.

Luxury apartments

A range of apartments for rent in District 2 is extremely various and interesting. There are many residential projects have been completed which are modern and luxurious. Some outstanding apartments are Masteri Thao Dien, Imperia An Phu, Lexington or Diamond Island. They can satisfy all of customer’s requirements about an ideal place to live. In the future, Metro Lines will be completely constructed, therefore, District 2 shall become the golden land of Ho Chi Minh City.

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