Top 8 Elementary International School in Ho Chi Minh City

Top 8 Elementary International School in Ho Chi Minh City

Immigration is the really important thing with anyone, especially a family having children. Moving to Ho Chi Minh City, besides you have to find an accommodation, a job, the local culture, etc. which school your children would study is very necessary. International school is the best choice; however, there are many different schools. It’s so confusing to decide the best one.

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These are top 8 of elementary international school that you can consider according to its location, budget and education program. All of them also have the English language instruction.

  1. APU International School

Budget: $8,500/year

Address: 286 Lanh Binh Thang, Ward 11, District 11

  1. Asia Pacific College

Budget: $4,300-$5,300/year

Address: 33-C-D-E Nguyen Binh Khiem, DaKao Ward, District 1

  1. British Vietnamese International School Hochiminh

Budget: $13,900 – $14,100/year

Address: 44 – 46 No.1 Street, Binh Hung Ward, Binh Chanh District

  1. Vietnam Australia International School

Budget: $5,400 – $6,700/year

Address: 594 Ba Tháng Hai Street, Ward 14, District 10

  1. Saigon Star School

Budget: $12,300/year

Address: Residential Area No.5, Thạnh My Loi Ward, District 2

  1. Albert Einstein School

Budget: $3,000 – $4,500/year

Address: Residential Area No.13C, Nguyen Van Linh Street, Phong Phu Ward, Binh Chanh District

  1. Vietnamese American School System

Budget: $3,400/year

Address: 143 Nguyen Van Troi Street, Ward 11 , Phu Nhuan District

  1. Pathway International School

Budget: $1,900/year

Address: 1/5 Lương Dinh Cua, Binh Khanh Ward, District 2

*Note: The budget of school can be changed according to time.

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