What you need to know about Saigon transportation

What you need to know about Saigon transportation

In Ho Chi Minh City, there are a wide ranges of public transportation for expats to get around it. They can choose taxi, bus, “xe om” or cyclo, which will cost the reasonable prices.


Taxi is found in most major cities in Vietnam. It is really cheap by international standards and a safe way to travel around. Average tariffs are about 12,000d to 15,000d per kilometer, which are applied by almost companies such as Mai Linh, Vinasun or Vinataxi. Especially, the expats can book a taxi in Grab and Uber with the safe services and the competitive prices. This kind of taxi has been popular for the residents in Ho Chi Minh City recently.

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Few travelers deal with city buses due to communication issues and the cheapness of taxis, cyclos and xe om. With a bus map, you can choose a route and enjoy the journey. Nowadays, buses in this city is developing modernly and comfortably. Moreover, there are some buses in the international airport which is very cheap and convenient.

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Xe Om

The Xe Om (zay-ohm) is a motorbike taxi. This word means that “Xe” is motorbike and “Om” is hug (or hold). Getting around by xe om is easy and interesting as long as you don’t have a lot of luggage. The fares are comparable with those for a cyclo, but negotiate the price beforehand. There are many xe om drivers hanging around street corners, markets, hotels and bus stations, so you are easy to find one person to take this service.

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The cyclo is a bicycle rickshaw, which is cheap and environmental friendly. This mode of transport is usually used by the tourists to get around and enjoy the landscapes. Groups of cyclo drivers always hang out near major hotels and markets, and many people also speak a little bit English. To make the driver understands where you want to go, it’s useful to bring a city map. The price is between 10,000VND and 20,0000VND for a short ride, between 20,000VND and 40,000VND for a longer or night ride, or around 40,000VND per hour.

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