Top 5 types of Offices for the Start-up in Vietnam

1. Home Office


For new businesses or startups, having a Home Office is the easiest and cheapest way to start and operate a business. You can turn your home, apartment or rooms, and even garages to an office. The space might be limited and cramped and you might be a bit distracted with roommates or kids. But for those who just started out their own business, and still seeking funding from bank, investors and Venture Capitalists (VC), this is the most practical way to start working on your business. You can also register your physical office in your home address.


2. Virtual Office


When you want a formal office in a prime business district in your city, but without the hassle of being physically there everyday, you can opt to have a Virtual Office. When you want your business to be registered in a prime, sought- after and known district with less the cost or expenses, then a Virtual Office is the best option for you. It is becoming more popular to businesses who wants to have a flexible way to work and operates internationally with presence in various countries outside US.


3. Co-working Space


Co-working Space is gaining more popularity nowadays. Co- working spaces makes you feel like you are working at a coffee- shop where you can lounge much longer, enjoy a cup of coffee and good ambience and work the day or night away. It is the most popular set- up for new businesses or startups, with one or more than one team members, and also freelancers and specialists. The term “co-working space” applies to sharing workspace with workers or business owners and startups with various backgrounds and companies. One of the advantages of co- working spaces is the flexible way of working, which means you can go there anytime and work. You can also get to meet new people, and network with these startups and business owners, and learn about their experience and expertise. Who knows, you can get a thing or two, about how to succeed in business, how to get new customers and potential investors or expand to new markets, from other specialists and entrepreneurs like you.


4. Rental Office


When you decide to have your own physical office, you can choose to rent a large space or unit where you can work, operate or manufacture your products and services. Rental offices are often on a monthly basis to the landlord. Depending on the location and size, Rental Offices can be more expensive compared to other types of offices, and also imply costs on your part.


5. Leased Office


On the other hand, leased offices come with a fixed term usually six- months, one- year or five- years contract with the landlord or company owning the unit or building. The contract in leased offices, compared to rental offices, are more fixed and binding.


Source: Founder's Guide



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